Ms Word view tab

Views Group

Read Mode

To read the document in full screen. This mode will show the document in pages side by side.

  • View tab
  • Click Read Moder

Print Layout

How does our page look before printing with printer.

  • View tab
  • Click print layout
Full Screen

See your document or page in full screen.

  • View tab
  • Click full screen reading
Web Layout

To view your document or page like a web page.

  • View tab
  • Click web layout

Click this button. Word Art, Clip Art, and other special features may not display. Just the text of the document will display.
View tab
Click outline


You can quickly edit the document. Page break are shown as dotted line and Headers and Footers will not display when in this view.

  • View tab
  • Click draft

Show Group


The ruler is used to change tabs position, margins and show the length of the document.

  • View tab
  • Click ruler check box

Note: – To hide the ruler again click on the check box.


Gridlines are used to align objects within a document.

  • View tab
  • Click Gridlines check box
Document Map

It is use to show the heading and sub-heading as an index form.

  • Create heading and sub-heading in the page
  • View tab
  • Click document map

You can see all your pages in small size and it appears on the left side of your document and can go directly from one page to another.

  • Work on multiple page
  • View tab
  • Click thumbnails

Zoom Group


To open the Zoom dialog box. This dialog box can be used to set the zoom percentage for see the document.

  • View tab
  • Click zoom
  • Type percentage in percentage box
  • Ok

To view the document at 100% of the normal size.
One Page
To view one page full screen and fit in the MS-word window.
Two Pages
To view two pages full screen and fit in the MS-word window.
Page Width
It is use to document view will displays in the whole Word window.
New window
It is use the opens a new window containing a view of the current document.
Arrange all
Use this option to open program windows side-by-side on the screen.
See two sections of your document at the same time.

Window Group

View side by side

Use this command to view two documents side by side so that you can compare their contents.

Synchronous scrolling

Scroll two document at the same time. This is great way to compare two document line by line.

Note: – To use this feature, turn on View side by side.

Reset window position

Place the document you are comparing side by side so they share the screen equally
Note: – To use the feature, turn on view side by side.

Switch Windows

Quickly switch to another open window.

Macro Group


To record anything works in Microsoft Word.

  • View tab
  • Macros
  • Click record macro
  • Keyboard
  • Make a new shortcut key (for ex. Alt + D)
  • Assign
  • Close
  • Work anything in your document
  • Click macros in the view tab
  • Stop recording

Note:- If insert your work on another place press your shortcut key when use in the macros.

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