What is MS-Word (Microsoft)?

Microsoft Word use to create professional documents, reports, letters, and resumes. Unlike a plain text editor, Microsoft Word has including features spelling check, grammar check, text and font formatting, image formatting, advanced page layout formatting, and more.

How to open MS-word in Computer?

  • Click Start Button
  • All Program
  • Click Microsoft Office
  • Click Microsoft office word

Home Tab

Clipboard Group

Cut , Copy , Paste

For Moving
  • Select Text
  • Cut
  • Go to place where you want to move
  • Paste
For Coping
  • Select Text
  • Copy
  • Go to place where you want to Copy
  • Paste
Format Painter

Copy formatting another text or picture.

  • Click on the text from where you want to copy the format.
  • Click format painter
  • Select text where you want to copy the format
    Note:- Double click the format painter to do it again and again.

Font Group

Font Family

Change font or text language.

Font Size

Big and small size selected text.

Grow Font

Big size selected text.

Shrink Font

Small size selected text.

Change Case

Sentence Case (Ex. Computer)

  • It is use to normal words after selection.
Lowercase (Ex. computer)
  • It is use to all words small letter after selection.
Uppercase (Ex. COMPUTER). 
  • It is use to all words capital letter after selection.

Capitalize Each Word (Ex. Computer Course)

  • It is use to only first character capital and all character small all words after selection. 

Toggle Case (Ex. COMPUTER)

  • It is use to only first character small and all character capital all words after selection.
Clear Formatting
  •  Clear all formatting any text, line or paragraph after apply the format.
  • Bold selected text for ex. ( BOLD )
  • Italic selected text for ex. ( italic )
  • Underline selected text for ex. ( Underline )
  • Show wrong word for ex. ( certifikate )
  • It is used to bottom of the selected text. for ex. ( H2O )
  • It is used to top of the selected text. for ex. ( 10th, 12th ).
Text Effect
  • It is use to change text color, apply shadow and 3D effects.
Text Highlight Color
  • Highlight the selected text.
Font Color
  • Change color of the selected text. for ex. (Apple, Grapes, Orange)

Paragraph Group


  • Create a simple list using bullets, arrows, symbol etc.
    For ex.


  • Create a simple list using number, alphabets, roman etc.
    For ex.

Multilevel list

  • Create a multiple list using multilevel list
    For ex.
Multilevel list

Note: – Insert a new symbol create tab and go to backward symbol press enter.


  • We use the short to do any of the names and numbers ascending and descending.

Show/ Hide

It is use to show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbol.

  • For Spacing = …………………………… 
  • For Tab Stop =
  •  Line or Paragraph ending =

Decrease Indent

  • Right to left line or paragraph.

Increase Indent

  • Left to right line or paragraph.

Line spacing

Space between two line and paragraph.

Text align left

  • Text left side in page.

Text align center

  • Text center in page.


  • Adjust Line or Paragraph Left and right side in your page.
    For ex.

Text align right

  • Text right side in page.


  • It is use to behind the color selected line or paragraph. Mostly use for heading creation.


  • We use this border option apply border top, bottom, left, right or all border.

Style Group

Style Group
  • Style group use to create heading and sub heading or Title and subtitle.
Create Heading and sub heading example:-
  • Main heading = Click Heading 1
  • Sub Heading = Click Heading 2
  • Sub Heading = Click Heading 3
Change Style

Change Heading Style using change style.

  • Click Change style
  • Style Set
  • Select Format for apply
  • Change heading color and use for heading only.
  • Change heading font style format use for heading only.

Editing Group


Find any words in your document.

  • Click find
  • Type text you want to find
  • Automatic Select your text

Replace any word in your document or file.

  • Click replace
  • Type replace text in find what box
  • Find next
  • Type new word in replace with box.
  • Click Replace ( Note:- If you want to all word replace click replace all )
Select All
  • Select all text, line or paragraph at a time.
Go to
  •  Direct Jump one page to another page or one line to another line.
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