What is paint?

Paint is a create drawing on a blank drawing area. Many of the tools in paint use for create drawing.

How to start Paint in Computer?
  • Click Start Button
  •  Click All program
  •  Click Accessories
  •  Click Paint

Home Tab

Pencil Tool

Use the pencil tool create straight line of curve line.

Fill with color

Its use to fill the color any shape or picture.


Erase any picture or shape.

Line Tool

Create straight line.

Curve Tool

Create curve line but use to three steps.

Make this design


Go to Backward.


Go to forward.

Brush Tool

Brush Tool use to create straight line or curve but that have a different texture. By using different – different brushes.

Use the brush tool
  •  Click Brush Button
  •  Choose you want to
Polygon Tool

Its use to draw custom shape.

Color Picker

Copy color another shape or picture.

Text Tool

Text tool use to type text in your picture.


Select text or picture for editing or change color.


Create new shapes for ex. Square, Circle, Triangle, Star, Heart, and Arrow..

Paint Button


Create a new page.

  • Click Paint Button.
  • Click New.

 Open an existing picture.

  • Click Paint Button
  • Click open
  • Find your picture
  • Click Open

Save a new document or picture.

  • Click Paint Button
  • Click Save
  •  Find your Location
  • Enter File Name
  • Click Save
Save As
  • Click Paint Button
  •  Click Save As
  •  Find your Location
  •  Enter File Name
  • Save
  • Click Paint Button
  • Click Print
  •  Select Printer
  •  Click Print
Print Preview

See your document or picture before printing.

  •  Click Menu
  • Click Print
  • Click Print preview
  • See your picture before printing
Print Setup

Set page margin.

  • Top
  • Bottom
  •  Left
  • Right
    Set as desktop background

    Set your picture in desktop background.

    • Click Paint Button
    •  Click save
    • Click set as desktop background

    Set drawing area page width and height.

    • Click paint button
    • Click properties
    • Enter width and height
    • Click Ok

    Clipboard Group Cut, Copy, Paste

    For Moving
    • Select Text or Picture
    • Click Cut
    •  Go to place where you want to move
    •  Click Paste.
    For Copying
    • Select Text or picture
    •  Click Copy
    • Go to place where you want to copy
    •  Click Paste

    Show set your margin from the page setup.

    •  Show Rulers.
               Click ruler check box.
    •  Hide rulers.
               Click ruler check box.
    Status Bar
    • Show or hide zoom slider and give the details page width and height.
    Full Screen

    Full screen your picture after click.

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