Pivot Table

You can easily use pivot table to manage large data and also use formula in any data.

Filter: – The data or column to be filtered is done using the filter option.

Value: – The column that contains the value automatically goes into the value option and all the values are totals and grand totals.

Row: – Row option is used to make your data appear in row inside Excel.
Column: – The column option is used to display your data in columns within Excel.

Use Pivot table
  • Click Insert Tab
  • Pivot Table
  • Select a table or range
  • Choose new worksheet or existing worksheet for create pivot table.
  • Ok
  • Now you can manage data using pivot table.


Table use to create dynamic table and using the table make it easy to sort, filter, and format data within a sheet.

  • Select Data
  • Insert tab
  • Table
  • Select table range
  • Ok

Note: – After apply the table you can sort, filter and format table very easily way.


Insert a new picture in sheet from the file.

  • Click insert tab
  • Click on picture option
  • Find your picture from the computer location
  • Click insert

Note: – Any formatting in picture click format tab use step by step all option.


Insert ready-made shapes such as the rectangle and circle, arrows, lines, flowchart, symbol and callouts.

  • Click insert tab
  • Click shapes
  • Choose your shapes for insert the document
  • Drag in your page

Note: – Any formatting in shapes click format tab use step by step all option.

Smart Art

Insert a smart art graphic to visually communicate information. Smart art graphics range from graphical list and process diagram to more complex graphics, such as Venn diagrams and organization charts.

  • Click insert tab
  • SmartArt
  • Select your graphical diagram
  • Type Contents

For Ex. Computer


Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data.
For ex. Bar, Pie, Line, Area, and Surface are some of the available types.

  • Select Data for Create Chart
  • Click insert tab
  • Chart
  • Select Chart Format (Bar, Pie, Line, Column or Surface).
  • Ok
  • Now your chart is created

Note: – Any formatting in chart click format and design tab use step by step all option.

Note: – Any change in chart click Design, Format and Layout tab.


Insert a picture of any program than is not minimize to the taskbar.

  • Click Insert tab
  • Screenshot
  • Screen clipping
  • Drag area to insert screenshot in Excel

Create a link to a web page, a picture, an email address, or link a sheet in excel.

  • Click on the cell where you create link
  • Click insert tab
  • Hyperlink
  • Give the address in address box
  • Ok

Text Box

It is use to create text box in excel sheet.

  • Insert Tab
  • Click Text Box
  • Drag in page
  • Your text box created
  • Type text or any other formatting in text box.

Header & Footer

Insert text, picture or date through header and footer and an also apply to all pages in your excel sheet.
Note: – Header apply only top of the page in excel sheet.
Note: – Footer apply only bottom of the page in excel sheet.

  • Insert tab
  • Header & Footer
  • Give the header or footer (For Ex. Text, Picture or date etc.)
  • Click anywhere in the sheet
  • View tab
  • Click Normal


It is use to insert text like 3D use WordArt.

  • Insert tab
  • WordArt
  • Select Text Format
  • Type text

Note: – Any change in text click format tab use step by step all option.

Signature Line

Inserting a digital signature format.

  • Insert tab
  • Signature line
  • Microsoft Office Signature Line
  • Type Suggested signers (For example, Sumit Saxena).
  • Suggested signer’s title (for example manager)
  • Suggested signer’s email address
  • Ok

Any other application installs on the computer. Open in Microsoft Excel.
For ex. MS Word, Power Point, Photoshop or any other application

  • Insert tab
  • Object
  • Select application for open in Excel
  • Ok
  • Now you can work on another application after open the application

Insert common mathematical symbol.

  • Insert tab
  • Equation
  • Select mathematical symbol under Design tab

Insert symbols that are not on your keyboard, such as copyright
symbol, trademark symbol, paragraph marks symbol and Unicode
Symbol. For ex.     etc.

  • Insert Tab
  • Symbol
  • Choose symbol you want to insert

Note: – Insert all type of symbol.

  • Insert tab
  • Symbol
  • Font box
  • Type Wingdings and enter
  • Now insert any type of symbol