CCC March 2019 Paper 2

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A. General information:

  1.  The duration of the examination is 45 minutes.
  2. The examination will comprise of Objective Type questions, which include True-False Type questions.
  3. The Examination is of 50 Marks, having 50 questions divided into 01 sections with each section comprising of 50 questions of 01 mark each.
  4. The subjects or topics covered in the exam will be as per the Syllabus. Download ccc syllabus
  5. There will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong answers.
  6. ccc online test 2021, Here is the given 50 question for ccc nielit(doeacc) you need to give 25 right answers for Passing this test

CCC March 2019 paper 2

tail spin

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In Calc charts are created using which option?

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___ can store maximum amount of data

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Computer use the …… number system to store data and perform calculations.

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The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform…………

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What type of device is a inch floppy drive?

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Multi-keyword queries take a longer time to produce result in a search engine than single word queries.

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It is possible to undo the deletion of a sheet.

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In https means

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Key used to go to beginning of the line in impress.

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In LibreOffice, calc spreadsheet cannot insert multiple rows in its sheet.

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Which of the following is a network device that directs a packet toward its final destination?

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Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and writes operations?

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E-mail adddresses; separate the user name from the domain name of service provider by using the ___symbal.

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The act of exploring the web is known as surfing.

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Who controls credit in India?

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A…….. is an additional set of commands that the computer displays after you make a selection from the main menu.

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When a formatted number does not fit in a cell, number signs like hash (####) are displayed

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What do you see at the bottom of Writer & Calc window?

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ISP is a company that provides an Internet connection.

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LibreOffice calc spreadsheet prints gridlines by default.

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The email address only requires take a longer time to produce results in a search engine than single word

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In UPI payment system Virtual Payment Address is mandatory.

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__is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time

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In LibreOffice calc, The name box is at the left end of the formula bar

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Which of the printer is used to conjunction with computers uses dry ink powder?

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Calc for the ______ function, a formula with a logical function show the word “TRUE” of “FALSE” as a result

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All the web servers on the internet are collectively referred to as the World Wide Web.

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A hardened firewall host on an intranet allows specified internet users to access specified services in the intranet.

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The personal computer industry was started by

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VPA stand for Virtual Payment Address.

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The IP address space is divided into classes five in all which are given letters A through E

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Scripting languages cannot be disabled in your browser.

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You can add drawing objects and pictures to the notepad toolbar.

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The slide sorter view button automatically sorts the slides alphabetically.

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The two parts of an e-mail address is separated by @ symbol

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Different elements are a chart cannot have a different transition.

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Calc is used only as spreadsheet and offers no graphics,

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WWW is a large-scale implementation of client-server architecture.

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In LibreOffice calc spreadsheet Ctrl+H is used to display find and replace dialog box.

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Q R code available in Phone pc.

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You can open impress presentation by using all of the following except one.

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Which of the following memories has the shortest access times?

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Part number, part description and number of parts ordered are examples of……..

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Which of the following is a p[art of the Central Processing Unit

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What would you use for immediate, real time communication with a friend?

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The area on a slide that holds text that will appear in the presentation outline is a ____.

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Format painter button is used to copy the formatting of a cell.

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EDS stand for……..

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ALU is a part of CPU

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How are the data organized in a Calc spreadsheet?

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